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Conquering Shame: Surviving to Thriving is available online at Amazon.

Are you successful but inwardly feel like an imposter? Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, low self-esteem, worthlessness, perfectionism, self-sabotage, codependency, need for validation, intimacy issues, or suicidal ideation? Or have you been impacted by poverty, mental illness, secrets, bullying, abuse, neglect, sex, sexuality, religion, or abandonment at some point in your lifetime?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing the damaging effects of shame that is trapped and stored within your body yearning for liberation.

In this compelling book, Monica Gullotta courageously shares her journey with a shame that was hidden within her for decades like an emotional cancer eating away at the quality of her life. Her gripping stories demonstrate how shame is a learned behavior resulting from abuse, neglect, and other environments where a child’s needs are not met in a significant way, which can cause devastating and debilitating effects. This poignant book will define shame, shame-based victimization, shame-based triggers, shame-based thinking, and how a shame-based identity becomes solidified. It explores the causes and effects of shame, emphasizes the importance of a self-help model, the importance of reparenting oneself, and becoming your own therapist by employing acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and self-love, which are the cornerstone of recovery.

Conquering Shame: Surviving to Thriving is a road map that provides a wealth of information, including heartfelt stories capturing how shame becomes cultivated, discussion points following each chapter, a questionnaire, techniques, letter writing, and an introduction to Developmental and Recovery Stages of Shame, that are integral for healing from shame.


Rethinking Anxiety and Depression: Two Important Messengers is available online at Amazon.

Pharmaceutical companies are working diligently with psychiatrists and mental health professionals in an effort to stave off anxiety and depression at all costs by prescribing anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications to millions of people. But what if they’re wrong? What if they’re misleading us, and telling us the wrong story about anxiety and depression? What if anxiety and depression are actual messengers working for our highest good?

Monica Gullotta, M.S., will take you on a magnificent journey as she explores the faulty assumptions we have about anxiety and depression. She will challenge you to rethink your viewpoint as she shares the personal success stories of herself and others who have chosen to reconsider and reevaluate their beliefs about mental health.

Therapy Land is available from the following online retailers.

Therapy Land is the true story of a young woman’s struggle to overcome the severe anxiety-related disorders caused by a childhood spent in a dysfunctional family with a mentally ill father and severely narcissistic mother. Monica Gullotta’s humor and biting wit are ever-present as she candidly shares personal stories of her struggles to understand the impact mental illness has had on her life. Gullotta’s gifted therapist employs a unique form of counseling that not only guides her through the therapeutic process but also helps her gain insight and strength as she endeavors to recover from her past and rebuild her life. As she begins to heal, she develops a burning desire to help others who are dealing with mental illness and emotional trauma. While Gullotta shares many tragic events from her past, she also inspires us with her triumphs and eventual recovery. It is Monica’s hope that her story will bring inspiration and encouragement to her readers.

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