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"My sessions with Monica came at a fairly critical point in my life and I am happy to say she has been incredibly helpful in working with me to recognize patterns, finding positive coping mechanisms, restore balance, healing practices, meeting my inner child, working on past traumas, trauma bond relationships, setting boundaries, and re-parenting myself. 

Her direct but non-judgmental approach made hard topics easier to address head-on. This is something I really needed and appreciated. Monica’s reliable and astute observations allowed me to really stop and examine my perspectives on situations in a way that I hadn't before. They also left nowhere for me to hide, which is exactly what one wants from a mentor/life coach. 

Monica has helped me navigate obstacles that had previously felt insurmountable and I'm happier as a result. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Monica Gullotta."

Danielle S. (R.N.)

"Talking with Monica is truly transformational. It feels like she is untangling the knots of my heart and emotions, and straightening them out so that I can see a clear path forward. Her mentorship has been and continues to be a healing and peaceful experience."

Allison - LVT

"Thanks to my work with Monica, I went from a person who lived in a constant state of anxiety and depression to a person who can go out and live a full, happy and adventurous life. Through her guidance, I have been able to change my life from just surviving to thriving. When I start to feel my symptoms arise again she helps me put things in perspective. Monica has taught me how to set boundaries and that I deserve to have good things in life and be treated well. As a result, I have learned how to be a better mother, coworker, and friend. Monica has always given me nonjudgmental insight on how to handle my issues big or small. She understands what it is like to live with anxiety and depression and has the right skills to help others through it. She is gentle, kind, compassionate, and truly cares. She really is a blessing and I’m so glad I found her."

Suzanne C. (Registered Nurse)

"I have been working with Monica for about a year, and it’s made such a difference in my life. I’ve gone to therapy before through many routes, but Monica has had the most impact on my life. She doesn’t just sit there, she truly listens. She tells me what I need to hear, but gently and lovingly. Monica truly seeks ways to help people process their hurt, validate emotions, and help make life better by suggesting new perspectives. She is truly trying to help those around her, not slap a band-aid on someone and call them fixed. I’ve never been so impressed with someone before and can confidently say I would recommend her to anyone around me who asks."


"Monica has truly been a blessing to me. She has mentored me through my struggles with anxiety & depression, trauma, poor self-esteem & relationship issues. Her kindness & compassion makes opening up so much easier. It's easy to tell how much she cares & wants you to be healthy & successful. I would recommend her for anyone who needs help."

Bev S. (Occupational Therapist)

"Monica is a jewel, and a treasure of love, understanding, guidance, truth and a gift in my back pocket.  I cannot thank Monica enough for helping me to see my true reflection."

Amanda A.

"Monica has been a phenomenal help to my mental well being and growth/healing journey. A unique approach of making sure you feel comfortable while she puts forth the opportunities for you to open up about the issues you're experiencing, and digging a little deeper to find the root of the issue. All the while, ensuring that you're never feeling forced to go through the discussion."


"Monica has helped me immensely. She is validating, supportive, and everything I needed. She helps and guides me through my struggles, trauma, and unhealthy relationships. I'm very thankful she was recommended to me as she has had such a positive influence on my life."

K.W. (Nurse Practitioner)

"I find Monica to be very open and honest.  Monica’s ability to share her extensive knowledge and her own personal experiences with others is truly amazing.  I find Monica to be very eager to help others over come past & present traumas in their lives.  Monica presents her clients with a list of tools and coping mechanism to help them deal with day to day stressors.  I see her dedication  and expertise she offers to each and every one of her clients.  If you are struggling with mental health issues and need help, I would strongly recommend reaching out to Monica."


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